ADA Record - EP


A Day Awaits will be recording their Newest EP ———July 1-5 2019

ADA will be heading to Yackland Studio in Nashville, TN July 1-5. If you would like to partner with us and claim some awesome perks read the details below and hit the donate button above! Thank you for the support!

Hey Friends!

We are the band A Day Awaits, and our mission is to create music for broken people of all walks of life.  Now God has given us the desire to record an EP specifically for those who have a heart for worship--those who long to meet with Jesus, to celebrate Him, to find peace in Him--but we can't do this without you. 

When you partner with us, you will be doing more than just helping us record a few songs--you will allow a new worshipful experience to come to life. You will make it possible for us to create, through song, new spaces for our listeners to meet with God in worship and reflection, while still sharing the hope of Jesus to those who may not yet know Him.


We are recording in Nashville, TN at Yackland Studio July 1-5, 2019.

Our goal is to raise $8,000 which will help cover the cost of:









$7 - Pre-Order a Digital Copy of the New EP
$10 - Pre-Order a Physical Copy of the New EP
$25 - Pre-order a physical copy of the New EP and receive an ADA T-Shirt
$50 - Pre-order a physical copy of the New EP and be added to the Credits on the album
$100 - ADA Merch Pack - Receive copy of the NEW EP, Satellites Album, ADA 2015 EP, 2 ADA T-Shirts, and ADA Sunglasses
$500 - Roadie for A Day Package